Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Watergate Club Berlin

Watergate Club - Falckensteinstr. 49, 10997 Berlin

The Watergate is one of the rather untypical clubs in Berlin, furniture that matches each other, a huge light-panel in the upper floor and a terrace on the Spree – some Hamburg girls may find their home here. Following this the overall pricing of drinks do correlate with that, meaning 4€ a beer which is crazy expensive for Berlin for (just) two floors music action. Resulting out of this is that very few Berliners are still going there, Watergate unfortunately attracts mostly tourists - since this is where they end up after Kreuzfriedrichs.
If you want to have at least a bit of Berlin feeling go after 5am, better 6am – Then it can be very enjoyable and unique.

Key facts:

Music: House / Minimal / Deep House
Floors: 2
Outdoor Area: Yes, Terrace
Crowd: 20+
Pricing: High
Link: Watergate

One thing to mention is that they do have a really great
DJ booking: Âme, Adam Port, Solomun or resident La Fleur are faces you can find behind the decks pretty regularly. The sound quality is very good and nothing I could say bad things about.
Last year they had five day-time open air events, one of them called Circoloco in the Watergate and this year they will bring again 5 to Berlin - Rummelsbucht, more info to find here. Looking at the line-ups it seems to be something you probably have to go, specially Fritz Kalkbrenner, Paul's brother, which will be playing at the 6th July. Honestly, they could have done a better Intro video, this one is pretty boring.
Apart from that I heard that the Wednesday's are really great, I may check that out at some point when I'm back in Berlin city. Overall it's a nice place to go, if you don't mind the money and know the right timing.

I've actually never seen Âme in Berlin, but lately in Hamburg and it was very awesome - Hours of straight dancing even while the beat is not as Techno as I usually like it, have a ear for yourself:

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