Sunday, May 25, 2014

Tresor Club Berlin

Tresor Club - Köpenicker Straße 70, 10179 Berlin

One of the oldest Techno clubs in Berlin first opened in March 1991, excepting the small break for the move into a new building, is the Tresor Club. You can read the full history here: Here

I ended up here pretty often with my sister, of course in the cellar - the Tresor, which is to reach after following a long, dark underground corridor. I remember crazy parties down there when the music stopped, the lights went fully off and everything was quite for a couple of seconds.
Nobody moves, nobody panics either.
The long-drinks are pretty cheap and as well very high on alcohol, usually I'm fine with 2-3 for the whole night. Next to that the sound is usually very bass-intense and of great quality. The people, layout and pressure reminds me a lot of the illegal bunker parties happening in my hometown twice a year. (Not sure if they where or still are illegal tho)


Music: Techno / House / Experimental Electronic
Floors: 1-3
Outdoor Area: No
Crowd: 18+
Pricing: Pretty Cheap
Link: Tresor

One thing to mention is, of course, since the club is one of the oldest of it's kind
(if not the oldest in Berlin) it also does attract a lot of tourists and the door is pretty open to everyone. Good thing is that usually they are more attracted to the upper floors, like the Globus where house is being played mainly, and since I'm just downstairs I don't give too much of a fuck about that in here.

Downstairs is just designed to dance and I really like that concept, cause in the end that should be the reason to go into a club.
Usually the entrance is very well organized, with enough personal so you may just have to queue if some big DJ is on the decks, as happened to me wih Oliver Deutschmann. Surely in the end it was worth it.

I've been there for following set, which was pretty awesome shitz:

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