Sunday, May 18, 2014

Salon zur wilden Renate Berlin

Salon zur wilden Renate Club - Alt-Stralau 70, 10245 Berlin

The next club I'm going to talk about will be one of the most authentic (at least location-wise) clubs Berlin has. Salon zur wilden Renate, or simply 'Renate' is a place I visited last year a lot - mainly with friends.
The base concept consists of giving you the feeling to attend a house-party rather than a typical club, since the building is a re-designed one family apartment.
As far as I remember they have 4 dance floors plus uncounted chill-rooms where you can, of course, do whatever the fuck you want and get lost. Renate also haves an outside area in the summer and if you are lucky you are in time for the awesome pool parties they organize. Shooting friends with water-pistols can be fun too at 8 in the morning.

Key facts:

Music: Minimal / House
Floors: 1-4+
Outdoor Area: Yes
Crowd: 18+
Pricing: Normal
Link: Renate

Going to the music I'd say it's overall very
minimal and maybe some kind of house-y, sometimes they do experimental stuff downstairs but most often the DJ's are unknown and I wouldn't go there for any specific act.Usually the club has 4 floors, they open up the place further and further during the evening as people come in. The crowd is pretty young, mostly consistent of students, hipsters and tourists kicking off the night with some funky pills after 4am, probably in any of the rooms you can lock or above your head in the hidden balcony's.Talking about usual Berlin stuff I also like to mention the crappy toilets, they are as horrible as in other locations like the (sadly closed) Katerholzig or Suicide Circus - pulling down your expectations concerning bathrooms helps a lot going through the Berlin nights. (Oh poor Hamburg and Munich people, you have no ideas!)
Coming to an end and the reason why I don't go there anymore is pretty simple, the place is simply not worth being declined. I'm far away from being interested into minimal music and also do prefer going out alone - Those two things are just not going together with Renate. A while back when I was a regular they declined me once for their birthday party and since then I never came back, call it stupid but to be honest for me it's simply not worth it.
There is other places I would queue 2 days a week even when I would get in just 1 out of 10 times.

Unfortunately I don't have a crappy memo this time - but since I danced next to Paul Kalkbrenner upstairs last year I'll integrate him instead, enjoy!

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