Sunday, May 25, 2014

Tresor Club Berlin

Tresor Club - Köpenicker Straße 70, 10179 Berlin

One of the oldest Techno clubs in Berlin first opened in March 1991, excepting the small break for the move into a new building, is the Tresor Club. You can read the full history here: Here

I ended up here pretty often with my sister, of course in the cellar - the Tresor, which is to reach after following a long, dark underground corridor. I remember crazy parties down there when the music stopped, the lights went fully off and everything was quite for a couple of seconds.
Nobody moves, nobody panics either.
The long-drinks are pretty cheap and as well very high on alcohol, usually I'm fine with 2-3 for the whole night. Next to that the sound is usually very bass-intense and of great quality. The people, layout and pressure reminds me a lot of the illegal bunker parties happening in my hometown twice a year. (Not sure if they where or still are illegal tho)


Music: Techno / House / Experimental Electronic
Floors: 1-3
Outdoor Area: No
Crowd: 18+
Pricing: Pretty Cheap
Link: Tresor

One thing to mention is, of course, since the club is one of the oldest of it's kind

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Watergate Club Berlin

Watergate Club - Falckensteinstr. 49, 10997 Berlin

The Watergate is one of the rather untypical clubs in Berlin, furniture that matches each other, a huge light-panel in the upper floor and a terrace on the Spree – some Hamburg girls may find their home here. Following this the overall pricing of drinks do correlate with that, meaning 4€ a beer which is crazy expensive for Berlin for (just) two floors music action. Resulting out of this is that very few Berliners are still going there, Watergate unfortunately attracts mostly tourists - since this is where they end up after Kreuzfriedrichs.
If you want to have at least a bit of Berlin feeling go after 5am, better 6am – Then it can be very enjoyable and unique.

Key facts:

Music: House / Minimal / Deep House
Floors: 2
Outdoor Area: Yes, Terrace
Crowd: 20+
Pricing: High
Link: Watergate

One thing to mention is that they do have a really great

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Salon zur wilden Renate Berlin

Salon zur wilden Renate Club - Alt-Stralau 70, 10245 Berlin

The next club I'm going to talk about will be one of the most authentic (at least location-wise) clubs Berlin has. Salon zur wilden Renate, or simply 'Renate' is a place I visited last year a lot - mainly with friends.
The base concept consists of giving you the feeling to attend a house-party rather than a typical club, since the building is a re-designed one family apartment.
As far as I remember they have 4 dance floors plus uncounted chill-rooms where you can, of course, do whatever the fuck you want and get lost. Renate also haves an outside area in the summer and if you are lucky you are in time for the awesome pool parties they organize. Shooting friends with water-pistols can be fun too at 8 in the morning.

Key facts:

Music: Minimal / House
Floors: 1-4+
Outdoor Area: Yes
Crowd: 18+
Pricing: Normal
Link: Renate

Going to the music I'd say it's overall very

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Intro & Welcome to my Blogspot

I always found it very annoying to find the right place for the right evening in Berlin, now I'm stuck in Hamburg for at least a while and have the same problem again. Where are the best parties, the best DJ's and - very important - crowd I wanna go to?
Hamburg can be a bitch and I'm still figuring out, meanwhile I'll write about Berlin.

To let you know upfront: I'm not gonna talk about door policy's or how you get into those clubs, if you are dedicated enough you gonna find out by yourself.
I have no idea where this blog leads to or what I'll talk about exactly yet, but hopefully some people enjoy - and find their second home for the night.
Right now I'm still thinking about adding relevant Links, DJ's, Labels and my very crappy memo's I've got from the nights, we will see.

It took me almost 2 years in Berlin to find what I can call my regular club, and this will be about which I'm gonna talk about first - Kosmonaut.

Kosmonaut Club Berlin

Kosmonaut Club - Wiesenweg 1-4, 10365 Berlin

The first time I went there was actually by accident, I was out with some friends who told me I've got to see that one. When I went in, it was already late-morning, the sun was shining and people danced outside at the terrace to rather slowish housy music, somehow this was magical.
Since then I went there almost every weekends while I was in Berlin, and still come back to the WSKTOW, Klangkost or Steyoyoke parties happening regularly.
Next to that, they do have some pretty talented artists on board, for example BÄR Stuff, which can be doing live-paintings next to you or - have some drinks at the bar.
The sound-quality is top notch, thanks to Function One and the light-arrangement is very unique.


Music: House / Techno
Floors: 1-4
Outdoor Area: Yes
Crowd: 20+
Pricing: Normal
Link: Wonderland

One thing that I got pretty quickly is