Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Kurhotel Club Hamburg

Kurhotel Club - Gro├če Freiheit 35, 22727 Hamburg

One of the last locations I visited in Hamburg was the Kurhotel at St. Pauli. According the website the location formerly was the last transvestite whorehouse in Hamburg a couple of years ago before it turned into the party location it is today.
Knowing about the masses of tourists in this particular street I went there around 7AM straight from Klingel 3 which is by the way also a really nice small bar/mini-club around the Kiez.
Going back to the Kurhotel, it is not to easy to find, you have to look out for it specially in earlier hours - otherwise you may not find it and end up in some crappy location like Kiezinternat (They call themselves Techno, I call them crap).
The door was surprisingly very nice, looking at the time and crazy folks they must have seen during the night. Going in, also surprisingly just 5 Euro entrance fee.


Music: House / Other
Floors: 2-3
Outdoor Area: Yes
Crowd: 20+
Pricing: Normal
Link: Kurhotel

The feeling you get here is that