Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Kosmonaut Club Berlin

Kosmonaut Club - Wiesenweg 1-4, 10365 Berlin

The first time I went there was actually by accident, I was out with some friends who told me I've got to see that one. When I went in, it was already late-morning, the sun was shining and people danced outside at the terrace to rather slowish housy music, somehow this was magical.
Since then I went there almost every weekends while I was in Berlin, and still come back to the WSKTOW, Klangkost or Steyoyoke parties happening regularly.
Next to that, they do have some pretty talented artists on board, for example BÄR Stuff, which can be doing live-paintings next to you or - have some drinks at the bar.
The sound-quality is top notch, thanks to Function One and the light-arrangement is very unique.


Music: House / Techno
Floors: 1-4
Outdoor Area: Yes
Crowd: 20+
Pricing: Normal
Link: Wonderland

One thing that I got pretty quickly is
that the music is very constant and exactly of my taste, so probably if you don't like it once, you won't get to be a fan in the end - at least not for the music.

Usually the Club has 2 dance-floors open, depending on the party and crowd they open up to 4 floors plus separate bar, plus an outside area in the summer.

The crowd is very mixed, usually consistent mainly of Berliners and less tourists. You should go there around 3-4 if you enjoy when the younger crowd separated out, still you can be unlucky queuing for an hour or more, specially on above mentioned parties - so either come early (1am), late (6-7am) or have a guestlist.

Enjoy my first crappy memo below.

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