Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Intro & Welcome to my Blogspot

I always found it very annoying to find the right place for the right evening in Berlin, now I'm stuck in Hamburg for at least a while and have the same problem again. Where are the best parties, the best DJ's and - very important - crowd I wanna go to?
Hamburg can be a bitch and I'm still figuring out, meanwhile I'll write about Berlin.

To let you know upfront: I'm not gonna talk about door policy's or how you get into those clubs, if you are dedicated enough you gonna find out by yourself.
I have no idea where this blog leads to or what I'll talk about exactly yet, but hopefully some people enjoy - and find their second home for the night.
Right now I'm still thinking about adding relevant Links, DJ's, Labels and my very crappy memo's I've got from the nights, we will see.

It took me almost 2 years in Berlin to find what I can call my regular club, and this will be about which I'm gonna talk about first - Kosmonaut.

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