Thursday, June 19, 2014

Ego Club Hamburg

Ego Club - Talstraße 9, 20359 Hamburg

The first post about a club in Hamburg is coming up, thinking about that it is actually a kinda sad post. The Ego Club is closing and the last 2 parties are already this weekend, so if you can, join for the last time. Officially Magdalena and Solomun want to take a break from being club owners, they stated that it was not a financial decision. Well, if you ask me I'd say it was - since I've seen the club specially on Fridays empty at times, despite having a constant great lineup with top DJ's. There is a lot of rumors also around, for example that Magdalena wants to focus more on her DJ career or that the club just didn't run well enough for Solomun, but who knows.

Going back to the essentials, the Ego is pretty small. It haves a rather small dance floor and bar, upstairs a small chill-out area. Still, I really liked going there due to the fact that they often had the best lineup around, good sound quality and friendly staff.


Music: Techno / House / Experimental
Floors: 1-2
Outdoor Area: No
Crowd: 20+
Pricing: normal
Link: Ego

I really like that they do a short pause after the DJ's ended their sets for people to appreciate & clap, this is even in Berlin very rare.

The only thing that got me annoyed at times was the crowd, too much stiletto-bitches & drunken people for my taste - but I guess this is the Reeperbahn location.

Looking into the future the Ego will be gone, but H.O.S.H. and the Grünanlagen-Team will take over the place and form it to something new. I hope they can keep up and establish something good, since Hamburg is really in need of good clubs.

One of the best nights I've had here was the one Âme took over, the set was amazing and I've danced for hours and hours, very driving. Here my crappy memo:

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